Keeping my Coupons Organized – And Failing Miserably

This post is a cry for help. A plea for advice. A call from a desperate couponer with a disorganized coupon book. Help!

When I first started couponing, life was easy. I had an old wallet, with lots of slots to slide my coupons in. I labelled each slot individually with the categories I most frequently used coupons for, ‘Toilet paper/Paper towel’ ‘Toiletries’ ‘Food’ ‘Detergent’ ‘Meds’ ‘Household/Cleaning Supplies’ & ‘Condiments’.


But soon I started to noticed some of my slots filled quicker than others. Often my ‘Household/Cleaning Supplies’ slot was overflowing, while ‘Condiments’ remained mostly empty. Trying to resolve this issue, I merged the ‘Condiments’ category together with food, leaving me space now for the overflow of ‘Household’ coupons.


For a little while, this seemed to work. But soon after I was forced to merge more categories – ‘Toiletries’ with ‘Paper Towel/Toilet Paper’, ‘Meds’ with ‘Detergent’. Logically, my categories were not making sense any more and still my slots were overflowing; unable to cope with the growing number of daily coupons.

What is worse: I found myself holding up lines, frantically sorting and shifting through the disorganized mess that was my coupon book. Yes, I was THAT person. I could hear the whispers from behind me in the line, “oh great, this girl has a bunch of coupons and she can’t find them…”.  At one point, I found myself ready to say, “Oh I know I have a coupon for that, I just can’t find it, so don’t worry about it” (thankfully, it did not come to this and I managed to pluck the .75 cents off Iogo yogurt out just in the neck of time).


So now I turn to you, book wide open and coupons a mess. How do you keep your coupons organized and easily accessible so when you get to the cash you stand proud, and the only whispers you hear from behind you in line are those of admiration, “I wish I could find coupons like her!”

Please leave me your tips for resolving my jumbled coupon book and ideas for keeping better organized, or tweet me, I’m on twitter (a lot) and would love to connect.


3 thoughts on “Keeping my Coupons Organized – And Failing Miserably

  1. I have a binder that I use and have filled with trading card protectors and tab dividers. It’s so easy to flip through the pages and see every single coupon that I have clipped. I used to use your method, but ever since I have switched to a binder I no longer lose or forget to use a coupon. You can buy “coupon binder kits” on Amazon to get started.

  2. I use a binder as well- and actually sell the system (my ad just expired on Kijiji but I can send the the infoi if you like, I ship!). I started with an accordian file from the dollar store- don’t bother with the $6- $12 dollar “coupon” accordian files @ Walmart because they are identical to the dollar store ones except in how they look. This got to be a hassle, digging thru coupons, so I picked up a $3.99 zipper binder from the thrift store, got some photo holders from Staples and baseball card holders from Walmart, some dividers I had from school and went to town! I have been using the binder for at least three years now and it’s the best system for me (upgraded to Martha Stewart pages & plastic dividers, even), but not everyone likes it. Some like coupon organizers like Glow Girl (check Google), but for me, I’m scared of dumping them out at the till 🙂

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