Keeping my Coupons Organized – And Failing Miserably

This post is a cry for help. A plea for advice. A call from a desperate couponer with a disorganized coupon book. Help!

When I first started couponing, life was easy. I had an old wallet, with lots of slots to slide my coupons in. I labelled each slot individually with the categories I most frequently used coupons for, ‘Toilet paper/Paper towel’ ‘Toiletries’ ‘Food’ ‘Detergent’ ‘Meds’ ‘Household/Cleaning Supplies’ & ‘Condiments’.


But soon I started to noticed some of my slots filled quicker than others. Often my ‘Household/Cleaning Supplies’ slot was overflowing, while ‘Condiments’ remained mostly empty. Trying to resolve this issue, I merged the ‘Condiments’ category together with food, leaving me space now for the overflow of ‘Household’ coupons.


For a little while, this seemed to work. But soon after I was forced to merge more categories – ‘Toiletries’ with ‘Paper Towel/Toilet Paper’, ‘Meds’ with ‘Detergent’. Logically, my categories were not making sense any more and still my slots were overflowing; unable to cope with the growing number of daily coupons.

What is worse: I found myself holding up lines, frantically sorting and shifting through the disorganized mess that was my coupon book. Yes, I was THAT person. I could hear the whispers from behind me in the line, “oh great, this girl has a bunch of coupons and she can’t find them…”.  At one point, I found myself ready to say, “Oh I know I have a coupon for that, I just can’t find it, so don’t worry about it” (thankfully, it did not come to this and I managed to pluck the .75 cents off Iogo yogurt out just in the neck of time).


So now I turn to you, book wide open and coupons a mess. How do you keep your coupons organized and easily accessible so when you get to the cash you stand proud, and the only whispers you hear from behind you in line are those of admiration, “I wish I could find coupons like her!”

Please leave me your tips for resolving my jumbled coupon book and ideas for keeping better organized, or tweet me, I’m on twitter (a lot) and would love to connect.


Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer – A (Unpaid) Review

I know, the first thing your thinking: this is a promoted post. Vaseline has done a tremendous job with their blogger outreach campaigns as of late, especially for the Spray & Go Moisturizer line. But no my friends, it is not. I just actually really like this product.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

Simply, it is moisturizer. The Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is a quick and easy product that can easily be worked into any busy woman’s morning routine. The ‘quick dry formula’ is really, very quick, and you can get dressed right after application without having to feel sticky or worry about stains on your clothes.

vaseline spray and go

But what really does it for me, is the smell. THIS STUFF SMELLS FANTASTIC! To be honest, I can only vouch for the Cocoa Radiant formula, but I loved this product so much, I ran out and got the larger Total Moisturizer in the same scent.


What I Don’t Love

What I don’t love about this product is the price. I’ve seen this product range from $5.99-7.99. Considering it is only 184 g bottle, that’s a bit steep. The 600 ml Total Moisturizer can be purchased for anywhere between $4.99-6.99 (check for coupons for this product, a local flyer was running $2 off a couple weeks back), so you are defiantly paying for the convenience here.

But! Fear not friends, this week we have a coupon, right here. In my area (Nova Scotia) , the Spray & Go Moisturizer is on sale at Lawtons for $6.99 (plus bonus air miles), but check your local drug stores because I have seen it go as low as $4.99. With this $2 off coupon, you can be smelling like a radiant cocoa for only $2.99!

Know any other good moisturizers? I’ve been looking for a good self-tanner to help with these see through legs now that summer is coming (one that doesn’t leave streaks or smell like burning after it dries preferably), if you know any, please leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by!

My Top 5 Sites for Finding Savings on Groceries

save on groceries

photo credit: qmnonic via photopin cc

There are a ton of online resources for finding savings on groceries. Whether it’s through freebies, samples, coupons or giveaways,there is no shortage of sites to find ways to save money on your next grocery order. But there are some some resources that I find myself using everyday and have become part of my saving routine.  They are the sites that I have found to be the best places for me to find savings & coupons for groceries and other products.  So here, in no particular order, are my top 5 places online for finding savings:

1. Checkout 51 – Checkout 51 is an iPhone (soon for Android) app that gives you a list of products each week that are available for a rebate.  When you purchase any of the products on the list,  upload your receipt through the app. You will then get a notification once your receipt has been processed, and the amount of the rebate will be debited to your Checkout51 account.  Once you have saved $20 in rebates, you can then request a cheque and receive your savings in the mail. The product lists are updated weekly and rebates are on products you actually buy (like bread & yogurt).

2.– I have 3 primary coupon sites that I frequent at least once a month, is one of them. This site doesn’t always have the most coupons, but sometimes has different products that you don’t always see coupons for (like right now for $1.00 off Tobasco sauce). Just create an account and click the coupons you want to print or have mailed to you.

3. Extreme Canadian Coupons –  A kind of everything site- coupons, giveaways, in-store sales, contests, freebies, samples…you get the picture. The site is updated multiple times daily and you can keep up-to-date by following them on twitter  (@frugalcanadians).

4. P&G Everyday – Probably the site with the most coupons that I visit. And, if your like me and often run out of printer ink, P&G offers a ton of coupons that they will mail directly to you, usually within a week of ordering them.

5. WebSaver – Yes, my third and final coupon site. Between this one and the previous two, you have my regular coupon rounds.  Like the other two, all you need to do is register, login, choose your coupons and have them printed or mailed to you.

There are so many other good sites and resources for finding savings- an honourable mention to Smart Canucks who provide tons of coupons, giveaways & freebies on a daily basis. These are just the ones I am finding most relevant for the products I buy, the sites are easy to navigate and use, they are not spammy or full of ads and so far, have been reliable. I would LOVE to know yours though, which sites are your favourite, do you have any apps that save you money on groceries, what about your favourite reviewers? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Brew at home.  No, that’s not one of my 4 tips, but it is probably the best one! Brewing your morning coffee can save you a ton in the long run, and with most major brands offering a variety of home-brewing options – there’s no reason not to! But saving by brewing at home is just the beginning. There are lots of ways to save even more on all the coffee you buy.


photo credit: via photopin cc

Order Coffee Online

Ordering your coffee online has several advantages; larger selection, more variety, and they deliver right to your door! But the biggest advantage is the discounts and promotions online retailers offer over other retailers. offers their online customers a 10% loyalty discount off every order for beginner customers. Once you accumulate so many points (acquired through making online purchases), your discount increases to 15% off.  On top of that, Keurig will often email out promo codes to be entered upon checkout for even more savings! There is a catch though, shipping costs are only covered on orders over $50, and for Canadian’s, ordering from ( is not currently shipping), will cost $10.00 if your shipping is not covered. So sometimes, depending on the size of your order and discount amount, it may be smarter to skip the promo code if it takes your total below the $50 mark.

Register your Brewers

Many home brewing machines offer free coffee if your register your brewer on the site.  For Keurig machines, enter your serial number here (your serial number can be found by taking out the drip tray and looking underneath, or on the bottom of the machine), and you’ll receive a promo code to give you buy 2 get 2 free boxes.

Tassimo offers a similar discount by registering your brewer here (serial number found on the bottom of the machine), and you’ll receive a coupon to be redeemed at any store for a package of T-discs.

Check the Expired Bins

I know, it sounds a little bad, but honestly I have yet to notice any difference in my ‘expired’ coffee, versus my new.  Many retailers will offer huge discounts on ‘expired’ k-cups and t-discs. If you’ve used these products, you know how sealed up they are, so the coffee stays fresh despite the expiry date.  One store that frequently does this for both k-cups and T-discs is staples. I have purchased t-discs from the expired bin at Staples for $2.99 a package- that’s about .18 cents a coffee!

Shop Locally & Ask About Loyalty Programs

Buying coffee per the pound, and even better unground, can save you lots! Many local coffee shops will offer promotions on different blends that can be purchased by the pound. On top of that, there are often loyalty programs, like buy 9 pounds, get your 10th free. Back to k-cups, Tweed and Hickory offers your 10th box free after 9 in-store purchases.

There are lots of other ways to save of course- Nabob frequently sends out coupons, and Wal-Mart offers low prices on instant coffee brands- but what other ways do you save on your morning wake up?

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Hi! Let’s Talk Saving!

Hi and thanks for coming to my blog!  How to begin, well, last year I found myself laid-off :( So I had a lot of spare time on my hands! I started doing things I had never had time for before- stuff like napping & watching Honey Boo Boo. Between pageants and afternoon siesta’s, I managed to find time to partake in some semi-productive activities, and started reading the flyers (I said ‘semi’). And thats when it happened, when it dawned on me, that for all these years, I had been spending WAY too much on EVERYTHING! On every page there was something for less then it regularly was. So for the first time, I started making grocery lists, selecting only the items on sale to make my list.

One day, disappointed with the selected sale items, and annoyed at the high price of Nyquil, I googled ‘Nyquil coupons’. I’ll stop here and just say, the rest is history.

Now, 9 months into my coupon adventure, my basement is full of toilet paper & paper towel, my pantry has way too much ketchup stored, & my laundry room shelf is bowing from too many detergents stacked on it. I have saved so much from something I wish I had started so long ago.

Being employed once again however, I have had to learn how to stay efficient in my couponing ways, since I no longer have the spare time in between naps to clip & order coupons. So, in one way, to stay organized, and it another to help others, I’m starting this blog, with this goal in mind: To post regularly the money I’ve been able to save using coupons and promotions, and to provide honest, unbiased advice on products that I think are worth your time.   

And please send me your tips and let’s connect; I’m on twitter @shessaving & I’d love to chat 🙂