4 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

Brew at home.  No, that’s not one of my 4 tips, but it is probably the best one! Brewing your morning coffee can save you a ton in the long run, and with most major brands offering a variety of home-brewing options – there’s no reason not to! But saving by brewing at home is just the beginning. There are lots of ways to save even more on all the coffee you buy.


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Order Coffee Online

Ordering your coffee online has several advantages; larger selection, more variety, and they deliver right to your door! But the biggest advantage is the discounts and promotions online retailers offer over other retailers. Keurig.com offers their online customers a 10% loyalty discount off every order for beginner customers. Once you accumulate so many points (acquired through making online purchases), your discount increases to 15% off.  On top of that, Keurig will often email out promo codes to be entered upon checkout for even more savings! There is a catch though, shipping costs are only covered on orders over $50, and for Canadian’s, ordering from keurig.com (keurig.ca is not currently shipping), will cost $10.00 if your shipping is not covered. So sometimes, depending on the size of your order and discount amount, it may be smarter to skip the promo code if it takes your total below the $50 mark.

Register your Brewers

Many home brewing machines offer free coffee if your register your brewer on the site.  For Keurig machines, enter your serial number here (your serial number can be found by taking out the drip tray and looking underneath, or on the bottom of the machine), and you’ll receive a promo code to give you buy 2 get 2 free boxes.

Tassimo offers a similar discount by registering your brewer here (serial number found on the bottom of the machine), and you’ll receive a coupon to be redeemed at any store for a package of T-discs.

Check the Expired Bins

I know, it sounds a little bad, but honestly I have yet to notice any difference in my ‘expired’ coffee, versus my new.  Many retailers will offer huge discounts on ‘expired’ k-cups and t-discs. If you’ve used these products, you know how sealed up they are, so the coffee stays fresh despite the expiry date.  One store that frequently does this for both k-cups and T-discs is staples. I have purchased t-discs from the expired bin at Staples for $2.99 a package- that’s about .18 cents a coffee!

Shop Locally & Ask About Loyalty Programs

Buying coffee per the pound, and even better unground, can save you lots! Many local coffee shops will offer promotions on different blends that can be purchased by the pound. On top of that, there are often loyalty programs, like buy 9 pounds, get your 10th free. Back to k-cups, Tweed and Hickory offers your 10th box free after 9 in-store purchases.

There are lots of other ways to save of course- Nabob frequently sends out coupons, and Wal-Mart offers low prices on instant coffee brands- but what other ways do you save on your morning wake up?

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