Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer – A (Unpaid) Review

I know, the first thing your thinking: this is a promoted post. Vaseline has done a tremendous job with their blogger outreach campaigns as of late, especially for the Spray & Go Moisturizer line. But no my friends, it is not. I just actually really like this product.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

Simply, it is moisturizer. The Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer is a quick and easy product that can easily be worked into any busy woman’s morning routine. The ‘quick dry formula’ is really, very quick, and you can get dressed right after application without having to feel sticky or worry about stains on your clothes.

vaseline spray and go

But what really does it for me, is the smell. THIS STUFF SMELLS FANTASTIC! To be honest, I can only vouch for the Cocoa Radiant formula, but I loved this product so much, I ran out and got the larger Total Moisturizer in the same scent.


What I Don’t Love

What I don’t love about this product is the price. I’ve seen this product range from $5.99-7.99. Considering it is only 184 g bottle, that’s a bit steep. The 600 ml Total Moisturizer can be purchased for anywhere between $4.99-6.99 (check for coupons for this product, a local flyer was running $2 off a couple weeks back), so you are defiantly paying for the convenience here.

But! Fear not friends, this week we have a coupon, right here. In my area (Nova Scotia) , the Spray & Go Moisturizer is on sale at Lawtons for $6.99 (plus bonus air miles), but check your local drug stores because I have seen it go as low as $4.99. With this $2 off coupon, you can be smelling like a radiant cocoa for only $2.99!

Know any other good moisturizers? I’ve been looking for a good self-tanner to help with these see through legs now that summer is coming (one that doesn’t leave streaks or smell like burning after it dries preferably), if you know any, please leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by!